North Stone Marble Industry (Supply and Apply)

Another arm of North Stone specialized in Cutting and Application of marble.

It is composed of skilled and experienced team. It has established a good reputation in the domestic market.

It is listed with Azizi Developments and with one more developer in UAE at the end of 2022.

We closed the 2022 with below status:

  • Factory with the premise size of 1,800 square meters.
  • Equipped with bridge saw and water jet and polishing machines, fixed and mobile cranes.

also, all the required equipment help the team to deliver high-quality products for the sites.

Our 2023 target is to increase the existing premises size to about 2,500 square meters to be able to efficiently deliver the job contracted by the end of 2022.

Bridge Cutting Machine
Bridge Cutting Machine
Water Jet Cutting Machine
Water Jet Cutting Machine

Scope of Services:

includes engaging in discussions with the clients, architects and builders before preferences are made. We make sure that we give you only the best tips and advice in choosing the right kind of stone and tiles needed for a particular project.

In TAIBAH Marble and stones, we do not merely rely on the quantities of stones and tiles and the price for each material, but we also take into consideration the individual aspects required for each project we are working on. We want to give our customers the assurance that we can handle the complete scope of the project.

We always do our best to produce a very detailed and accurate layout of the project. We also provide descriptions for each material required for the implementation of the assignment.

comprise all the possible means and ways to protect the clients from any property and personal damage. Our team will make assurance to the customers that damages can be made impossible with careful calculations.

Our supplies came from both local and foreign firms with quarries located in Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, and the Philippines. We guarantee quality selection, delivery, schedules and importing of the required materials.

We carefully choose each setter, and we see to it that each of them is well-trained and experienced in this field. We also aim for excellent results with the installation of each natural stone and tiles in building projects by careful supervision during the process.

Yard# 148-6293, Behind Police Station, Emirates Industrial Area, Sharjah

Yard# 148-6293, Behind Police Station, Emirates Industrial Area, Sharjah